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As you grow your OpEx skills and knowledge, you’ll notice that many of the techniques you’re learning have tools and templates that will help you define and organize your work. It’s important to understand that the value of OpEx in an organization isn’t in memorizing concepts, but in applying these tools and methods regularly to ensure your organization continues to improve over time. Similarly to the Learning page, the Show Me Excellence Community has assembled a variety of resources for you to use as you put your skill sets to use. As you move forward in your OpEx journey, you will also need to expand your professional toolbox to make the most of your enhanced abilities.

Use this page as your one-stop-shop to build the OpEx toolbox for you and your teams as your skills develop and If you are still unsure of which tools you may need, use the search bar at the top of each page to help you filter your search or discover additional, related topics!

OpEx A to Z

Still not sure where to start? Having questions on which tool or template is right for your project? The Show Me Excellence Community is happy to offer access to the American Society of Quality’s (ASQ) Quality Glossary. ASQ is a global organization committed to providing expertise, networking opportunities, tools and solutions in the realms of quality and operational excellence. The glossary below is a great way to gain deeper understanding of the many terms and techniques that OpEx encompasses. Use the portal below to research and explore various concepts that may apply to your work.

If you know of any tools, templates or guidelines that could benefit other team members of the State of Missouri, feel free to submit your suggestions below at any time! And for more information on what ASQ has to offer you, visit their website