What is OpEx?

Operational Excellence, or OpEx, is a philosophy that focuses on problem solving at every level of an organization or project. While OpEx incorporates skills and capabilities to deliver results, the key to continuous improvement is the adoption of an OpEx mindset. For consideration: OpEx is working together towards a common purpose and continuously improving to get there.

What is Show Me Excellence?

Show Me Excellence refers to the community of OpEx practitioners across the State of Missouri that work together to improve our processes, pursue innovative solutions, and share best practices. The Show Me Excellence community focuses on continuous improvement to serve the citizens of Missouri through effective government.

Every Day OpEx

Continuous improvement is all about making incremental changes that add up to significant impacts over time. You don’t have to fix a process or a problem all at once! In fact, making daily tweaks can make your changes more sustainable and easier to adopt across your teams. Here are some great ways to start incorporating OpEx into your everyday rhythm:

The Show Me Excellence Community

The activities associated with Show Me Excellence have been going on in Missouri’s state agencies for years, but these efforts were named at the first annual Continuous Improvement Summit in October 2019. Show Me Excellence is all about providing the best tools, training, and insight available to ensure that teams succeed in their pursuit of improvement at any level.