Smarter, Not Harder Series

smarter not harder

 Welcome to the “Smarter, Not Harder” Series for supervisors.

This series is designed for supervisors by supervisors. On the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month, colleagues will offer quick tips to help make your work life easier and your teams more effective. The tips will be practical and easy to digest. They are to help us “do-learn-do”: try something out, adapt and improve, and then do again. They will often include an article, video, podcast, or a MOLearning course. This series is all about investing just a few minutes to make our work a bit better. You will also find a library of the “Smarter, Not Harder” Series content in MOLearning.


The Psychology Behind Meeting Overload

Date: 12/7/2021
Recommendation by: Aaron Dimmock, Deputy Director for Operational Excellence

Visualize your work

Visualize Your Work

Date: 11/2/2021
Recommendation by: Kaitlyn Thomas, Analytics & Strategic Initiatives Director for the Department of Economic Development’s Strategy and Performance Division

5 whys of critical thinking image

Use 5 Whys of Critical Thinking

Date: 10/7/2021
Recommendation by: Crystal  Wilson, Department of Social Services

complete confidence in minutes weekly

Build Confidence by Prioritizing a Growth Mindset

Date: 8/17/2021
Recommendation by: Cindy Dixon, Director of Operational Excellence

Eat That Frog

Stop Procrastinating: EAT THAT FROG!

Date: 8/3/2021
Recommendation by: Rebecca Moyers, Operational Excellence Leader & Director of Strategy and Performance in the Office of Administration

learning culture

4 Ways to Create a Learning Culture on Your Team

Date: 7/20/2021
Recommendation by: Jimmy Williams, Department of Agriculture

role clarity

How Role Clarity Contributes to Organizational Health

Date: 7/6/2021
Recommendation by: Aaron Dimmock, Deputy Director for Operational Excellence, Office of Administration

Simon Sinek: Leader vs manager

Leaders versus Managers

Date: 6/15/2021
Recommendation by: Jake King, Continuous Improvement Coordinator in the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education


Use the ‘OHIO’ Principle and Get Control of Your Inbox

Date: 6/1/2021
Recommendation by:
Ashley Shannon, Operational Excellence Leader from the State Emergency Management Agency in the Department of Public Safety

Lego Blocks

How a “Less is More’ Mindset is a Powerful Problem Solving Tool

Date: 5/18/2021
Recommendation by: Colette Weckenborg, Continuous Improvement and IT Administrator in the Department of Natural Resources

Cartoon Clocks running

How to reap big returns from meetings that are just 10 to 15 minutes long

Date: 5/4/2021
Recommendation by: Cindy Dixon, State Director of Operational Excellence

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