As leaders, we often feel the pressures of managing daily operations, addressing issues as they arise, and implementing new initiatives to improve our service delivery.  While all of this may be necessary, how we approach and manage these items can vary.  This month, Crystal Wessing, Director of General Services in Office of Administration, shares lessons learned from Franklin Covey’s The 4 Disciplines of Execution.  Their approach stresses the importance of focusing on less to accomplish more.

By taking this approach, we create alignment of our teams, clarity on what good looks like, and understanding of how each of us contributes to the overall goal.  These concepts are also applicable to your home and personal goals, such as your household budget or your wellness goals.

To get started, check out a short video.  For additional learning, checkout The Missouri Way Series in MOLearning.  It has videos and resources on performance measures and dashboards, using issue trees, and setting targets.



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