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Now that you’ve been introduced to the concept of Operational Excellence and had a chance to familiarize yourself with who your agency’s OpEx leads are, the Show Me Excellence Community would like to invite you to dig deeper. OpEx encompasses many different techniques, mindsets and problem solving approaches that can help you achieve your goals in the work place. The trainings below have been gathered to help you build your skills in some core OpEx areas. Use this page as your jumping off point to grow your knowledge and expand your skills as you begin your unique OpEx journey.

Lean & Six Sigma

Lean & Six Sigma

In crafting a culture of Operational Excellence, two general philosophies are often discussed Lean & Six Sigma. Lean is a set of techniques and methods are targeted to eliminating waste in a process. Reducing wait and lead times, eliminating unnecessary or redundant steps or streamlining work as it moves from person to person are all examples of Lean measures. As a complimentary philosophy, Six Sigma encompasses a set of tools and principles that focus on improving processes from the ground up. This approach is used to define problems or opportunities in a process, breaks down process improvement into core elements and sets clear paths forward to accurately measure and monitor a process after it’s been revised. Together, these methodologies allow team members to continually measure, monitor and improve on the processes they interact with on a daily basis.

The trainings highlighted in this section will help you grasp how Lean and Six Sigma techniques can be applied to your organization.


Change Management

After you’ve gained knowledge on how OpEx philosophies and project management skills can benefit your teams, the next step is putting those skills to use as a Facilitator. This could mean managing projects, coordinating process improvement efforts, leading meetings to ensure productive and efficient uses of time and especially helping your fellow team members on their OpEx journey. To do this you will need to enhance your skills in scheduling, managing conflict, problem solving and communication to name a few.

The trainings highlighted in this section have been selected to allow you to choose from these and other topics to enhance the skills you already possess on your path as a facilitator & coordinator.

Skill Development

Skill Development

As you continue to define and map your OpEx journey, you may find yourself desiring to grow in other facets of your professional life. Do you want to increase your ability to analyze and interpret data? Could opportunities to learn more about time management help improve your scheduling and coordination skills? Are you interested in advanced certifications in Six Sigma and other OpEx related programs?

The training opportunities highlighted in this section have been collected to provide you inspiration in considering the many avenues available to you as you progress in your understanding of OpEx. Be sure to reach out to your supervisor and agency’s human resources if a specific opportunity requires approval to pursue. And if you know of a training opportunity that could benefit other team members of the State of Missouri, feel free to submit your suggestions below at any time!