White Belt Resources

Show Me excellence playbook

The Show Me Excellence Playbook

Your one-stop shop for all the tools and resources to improve your processes.

Leaders Guide to Operational Excellence

Find the right method to structure your project and reach your improvement goals.

The Missouri Way A3 (visual aid to succinctly illustrate the progress of a project to a team member)

Why is change needed?
     Voice of Customer (VOC)
     Run Chart
What is your current state?
    Dashboard – training link coming soon
What is your desired state?

What are the root causes?
     5 Whys
     Process Map
     Swim Lane Process Map
     Fishbone Diagram
How can we solve for the root causes?
     Graphical Analysis
How can we experiment with our ideas?
     Impact/Effort or PICK Chart

What is our plan to implement?
     Project Plan
     Gantt Chart
What are the results?
What are our lessons learned?